the story of You and your baby




Your birth story process begins with a 1 hour video/Zoom session with me, where you are fully supported and prompted to narrate your birth story. We begin by centering, grounding, and opening ourselves to the story that wants to come through, the way it will come through, and the tremendous thing it is to birth a child and talk about it. 

The story you tell does not have to be linear and rarely is, and can start wherever it starts in you. New memories and emotions may arise as you speak. We pause and allow. I transcribe everything you say, and ask you questions where it seems more detail or sense memory could emerge. I affirm that you and your story are deeply valuable, no matter how difficult or not your birth was, no matter how it unfolded.

When you feel *done*, the session itself ends. 

Follow up: 

I lightly edit the transcript of your narrative, removing hiccoughs of speech (um, uh) and ensuring it reads well.  I do not make any dramatic changes. I have this completed within a week.

Then I return the document as a keepsake to you. You received an editable copy (in Word or Google Docs) and a pdf (static). 

You take your time reviewing it and requesting any changes, corrections or minor additions. There is no expiration date on this follow-up. Many parents choose to simply keep the story as it is, the way it was told. Some choose for the story to be further crafted and shaped. 

You may have other wishes for the story: to turn it into a letter to your child, a personal essay, or even a speech.  

Your birth story is always kept private and confidential unless you direct me otherwise. 

**It can be powerful and therapeutic to tell your birth story. However, if you experienced a traumatic birth, this session is not a replacement for therapy. We are honored to direct you toward those resources!



When a baby is delivered, a parent is born.  Tell your story.

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