THE intensity, vulnerability & Profundity

We meet; you speak; I capture your words and hold space.

Becoming a parent tugs at our depths and asks everything of us. You cherish your baby’s keepsakes because of the stories behind the footprint, the photographs, and the lock of hair. Now, you’ll capture the most momentous and vulnerable story of them all – your experience of pregnancy, labor, your baby’s birth, and postpartum – in full, organic detail. After our private virtual session. you receive your complete, irreplaceable narrative record.

Book for yourself or for a parent (or parent-to-be) that you love. We welcome foster, adoption and loss stories. 


I’ve started this process with Sara and it’s a cathartic and emotional and incredible experience…These accounts will accompany any other keepsakes from the kid’s births… pictures, medical bracelets, etc… in a most meaningful way.
       eva     brooklyn, ny

Doing this was so incredibly cathartic! Thank you!

allison   hamden, ct


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