StORY GUiDE, doula, STEP/mother, writer, & editor 


I’m Sara Nolan, your birth story guide and facilitator.  I’m a labor doula, step/mother, writing teacher, writer, and editor. Nothing about you, or any of us, could ever be too much for me, or not enough.  I am honored to accompany people through and in their hardest moments, while their identities are in flux, confronted with the unknown inside and out, and while their stories are in formation or as they tell them.

I believe parents do not have adequate chances to pause, review, and make meaning in and of our lives; to value our own efforts to grow, birth or raise our children.  To feel and make room for all the emotions and complexity of being alive, being here, and forming our families. I hope that birth story work & the resulting story will be an initiation, a validation and a revelation. 

With my support, my clients  (re)enter and reflect on life’s unpredictable, incredible experiences (sometimes it’s really messy; it’s always worth it).

My writing has appeared in The New York Times, Romper, NY Family, andTeenLife.